Who Has Believed Our Report

March 28, 2012

“Who has believed our report? And to whom has the arm of Almighty Yahveh been revealed? For He shall grow up before Him as a tender plant, And as a root out of dry ground. He has no form or comeliness; And when we see Him, there is no beauty that we should desire Him. He is despised and rejected by men, A Man of sorrows and acquainted with grief. And we hid, as it were, our faces from Him; He was despised, and we did not esteem Him.” Isa 53:1-3

Who has believed our report and to whom has the arm of Almighty Yahveh been revealed? This is a question that obviously was running around in Isaiah’s mind as he asked of the people.

As I ponder on this scripture, I realize the hardships the prophets must have suffered at the hands of the religious crowd. I am sure that many times they must have felt like they were not being heard by the populous. It is obvious that in most cases they were not.

The prophets of old were not like the preachers of today on television and in the mega churches. Many of these have mega salaries and mega homes and some have two or three million or multi-million dollar properties called mansions. False prophets who tickled the king’s ears and the ears of the populous for their favors and riches have always been present.

It seems to be very evident that the motives of many were not correct and in many cases today there are those with bad motives and have missed the point of the Gospel. The priority of many has been misplaced and they are focused on larger organizations and larger buildings, not enlarging the Kingdom of Yahveh. Ministers should not live in luxury while ones ministered to are struggling to survive. How do you have credibility with those to whom you teach if you know nothing of their struggles? How do you care for the flock when your organization demands that for someone to see you it takes three or four weeks to get an appointment; not to see the pastor but to see an assistant pastor? I understand the principal of delegating authority. I also understand that it is impossible for the Pastor of that large of a congregation to personally attend to every need. I also understand the principal of commercialism and bigger is better. Bigger provides much larger salaries and much more prestige.

Who has believed our report and to whom has the arm of Yahveh been revealed? All through the Word of Yahveh it talks about having a relationship with Almighty Yahveh. Relationship comes with submission to obey Him. You can’t have a relation with him if you refuse to obey His instructions to live and not die.

The question addresses the very nature of faith. If you believe His love letter to you then you know there is a way to life and there is a way to death. Because The Father is great and wonderful He alerted the world to the fact that disobedience leads to death and obedience leads to life. Father Yahveh went so far as to tell you the wise decision you should make.

Almighty Yahveh instructed you to choose life. Then He explained to you how to make the choice, you make the choice by obeying all of His commandments and statutes. This is so that He can protect you and for things to be well with you and your children and your grandchildren. (Deut. 4:40 and Deut 5:29 “Oh, that they had such a heart in them that they would fear Me and always keep all My commandments, that it might be well with them and with their children forever! “

There is a sound reason that obedience is required. Disobedience is sin and The Father has no fellowship with sin and we must have fellowship with Almighty Yahveh to have life. Therefore we ought to be wise enough in the spirit so that when the easy sleazy Grace messages come forth we recognize it for the perversion that it is. The Father has given us instructions to deliver us from the enemy of our soul and cause us to miss the traps that have been set for us.

In the renewed covenant we are required to be obedient to the Gospel and acknowledge that Yahshua came and died and rose again to be the propitiation for our past sin. What are we to do now? Should we continue in sin that grace more abound? Yahveh forbids. (Romans 6:1.2)

There is no excuse for us to fall into the trap of the perverted Gospel that the commandments are done away with and have no authority over our lives. We obey The Father and obey His commands or we do not the truth and we live a lie. Obedience is better than sacrifice and I ask you who has believed our report? (I Sam. 15:22)

Everybody seems to be trying to come up with answers to the dilemma, what do we do to remedy the tragedies of this society? There are so many social woes. Where do we start, how do we fix it? The social fabric of this generation is very flawed in spite of The Father warning us of the tragedies we were going to run into.

We are in a perilous generation. Parents are murderers of children and children are murderers of parents but we were forewarned of this destruction. It seems like every other day there is another instance of mass murder and many times for no reason at all. We are experiencing today what happens in a society that has rejected the commandments of Almighty Yahveh and has said in their hearts there is no Sovereign (Deity). (Is. 5:24) We can walk after the imaginations of our own heart and there will be no consequences. (Ez. 13:17)

The problem with living as if there were no Sovereign is there is no protection. We have put our confidences in a whole bunch of pagan counterfeits that are no deities at all and can neither do good or evil. There are many futile efforts at serving The Almighty in our own way. Our own way – is an abomination to The Sovereign of all heaven and earth Almighty Yahveh.

Many hang pictures of Jesus on the wall of our homes and think that they are being Spiritual, giving honor to Almighty Yahveh through His Son. Not knowing that the picture we have of Jesus is not of Jesus in the first place but the image of Mithra the sun deity. We are forbidden to have the images of anything in Heaven or on earth or under the earth or in the sea to attach our affections to as to worship. (Deut. 5:8-10) To give affection to these symbols is a form of worship and this is forbidden. People have attached deity attributes to the picture of Yahshua (Jesus) for centuries. Sin, sin, sin is at our doorsteps.

We are coming up on a time that is very special to most Christians, Easter. Very few realize that when they celebrate Easter they are involved in an abomination to The Father: the worship of Eostra Queen of Heaven. The church uses the very same Idolatrous practice of dyeing eggs and hiding them to be found, giving a prize to the one who finds the most. Pagans were taught that the Queen of Heaven would prosper the one who found the most dyed eggs. Can you see any similarity here?

The traditional church has taught pagan holidays to be Holy days. The Father told us not to add to or take away from His commands. The church has done away with the Kadosh days of Almighty Yahveh (Lev. 23) and replaced them with the special days Baal the sun deity. The days of Baal Worship are as follows: Christmas, Easter, and Halloween to name a few.

There are great consequences to teaching traditions rather than the Word of Almighty Yahveh, but again I ask you who has believed our report?

The Trumpet

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