About the Ministry

Wake up! !   Wake up! ! You’ve slept to long. We are an end time ministry that is focused on the Hebrew roots of the  church. Many churches have forgotten that the very first church was all Hebrew. The Greeks took control of the Church after the Council of Nicea, when the government took control of the church and brought in all kinds of Idolatry into the practices of the Church. Holidays that were pagan were brought in and given Christian names and called them Christian holidays, the fact is the Father told us not to worship Him as the heathen worships his gods, this is an abomination to Him and they even went so far as to change the day of worship from the seventh to the first day and this is not and never was acceptable.

In view of this fact and the fact that many people who are sincerely seeking Yahveh have no clue of the Idolatry they are involved in, we feel it is most urgent to make the information available to them. The true worship is in spirit and truth with a lot of attention paid to truth as well as the Spirit.

We are very much involved in being about the Father’s business and His business is and always has been the Kingdom of Yahveh and the people in His kingdom.

The Trumpet

R.C. Sandifer