About R.C. Sandifer

R. C. is a Louisiana man born and raised in North Louisiana in a small town called Dubach, Louisiana. You say where is that? I have never heard of any such place. Don’t worry about that, there are a lot of people in this world that has never heard of Dubach La. I was raised there and attended the First Baptist Church of Dubach, La. Raised on a farm and went to Ruston High School.

At the age of eleven I knew that the Father had His hand on me and I gave my life to the ministry. I knew the Father had called me, but I hadn’t been seasoned by the Father yet and didn’t do a whole lot with the calling on my life until age 35. At that time the Father gave me a serious choice to make and I made The Right Choice for my life; I chose to serve Him for the rest of my life.

As I became more involved in the Kingdom’s work and loving My Heavenly Father, He started showing me things about the church of today and put me back into the Hebrew roots of the Church and that has shaped this ministry we have and work with for His glory.rc.jpg