The Zombie Church

March 12, 2017

Teaching given by Dr. Merv McCormac on March 3, 2017.

Many believers today, like the church in Sardis, live in their own past, focused on the life of the past, not pressing into the future in store for them.  Their lives consist of reliving the glory days that they have turned into legend.  They do  not desire to press further into their Creator.  They do not wish to become more alive in Him.  Their faith is stagnant, and faith that is not used withers, like a muscle of the body.  It withers, weakens, and dies away.  We as believers in the Creator of heaven and earth, must practice our faith daily.  We must trust in Yahveh and reveal that trust to those around us, teaching them of the Creator they may have never known or may have walked away from.  We cannot be a dead church.  We cannot be a zombie church.

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