The Principles of Kadosh-ness

February 23, 2017

Teaching given by R.C. Sandifer on February 17,2017.

Messiah spoke many times against the Pharisees and religious teachers, how they honored Yahveh with their mouths while their hearts were far from Yahveh.  Their heart condition did not match their words.  And while man looks at the outward appearance (i.e. these Pharisees looked GOOD to those around them, honored and respected men who knew the Scriptures, who prayed long prayers, who seemed to have life together), Yahveh looks at the heart.  We cannot deceive Yahveh.  We cannot hide anything from Him.  And for our lives to be pleasing to Him, our hearts must be right.  We cannot just DO the Torah.  We must submit ourselves to the Spirit, who changes our hearts of stone to flesh, and gives us a desire and a delight in Yah’s Torah.

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