Philippians 2

August 24, 2016

Dr. Merv teaches this week on the second chapter of Philippians.  Connecting several passages from the Tenach, Paul teaches those in Philippi that their lives are to be constantly filled with prayer and spiritual warfare.  As a body, we believers and followers of Yahveh should spend more time on our knees than running our mouths.  And as a body, we need to be working as one, or we’re not going to be functioning well, if at all.  If we cut off any part of the body, the body will not work the same, if at all.  When we come to Messiah for atonement, we become a new creation in which we desire the things of Yah, and we have to continuously keep ourselves clean and in mirror to our Messiah, because we may be the only scripture someone ever reads.

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