A Storm Is Coming

May 9, 2008

There is a storm coming and no one wants to talk about it; especially those who are in charge of making you feel good each 1st day (Sunday). The traditional Pastors of the traditional Church have been trained in their method of delivery and the subjects that are acceptable. They are trained to stay away from controversial subject matters and words that may be a little to abrupt.

Lets say you are in the middle of a hard battle. You ask the battalion leader “how’s the battle going“, the leader may tell you the battle is won even though the enemy out numbers you, has just received reinforcements and received a new supply of ammunition. Your leader has deceived you because you’re told the “enemy is ready to give up don’t worry“. After hearing this you relax somewhat and therefore you don’t prepare for the next onslaught of the enemy to try to overrun your position.

The perversion of the truth was comforting and reassuring at the time, but left you unprepared for the coming battle. Now if there is a place that is not good to be it is at a gun fight with only a pocket knife in your possession. If you have the wrong weapon for the time you are facing then you are unprepared for the battle you are about to experience and probably will not survive. The only way we can be prepared physically and spiritually is by the revelation the Ruach HaKadesh (Holy Spirit) brings and our obedience to His revelation. Revelations are not always as they seem. By this I mean if you have a warning come to you in a dream or in a vision then we must ask for “revelation” as to the meaning of that dream. The dream in it’s self is not revelation. The correct interpretation of the dream is revelation.

The things that were told to Daniel in his dreams in the natural did not mean what the dreams literally appeared to mean. It had to be revealed to him by Almighty Yahveh. We have need to have the things of Yahveh shown to us or revealed to us by Him.

I am crying out to the Church to prepare for the storm that is coming. You say, the church I go to does not teach these kind of things. They teach me we are going to fly away and watch all the bad stuff happen to others and we are not going to have to worry about any of that sort of thing. We are just going to be happy here on earth and not going to have to deal with extreme circumstances for a long period of time. I say to you that is a foolish concept; not supported by the Scriptures and it promotes a lack of preparation both spiritually and physically.

Of course this is exactly what Satan wants you to believe, it is the attitude that we are not going to have to face a time of extreme trials such as the world has ever known. The truth is, why shouldn’t we face some tough trials? Noah faced some tough trials. The whole world doubted what he had been told by Yahveh and he didn’t have a Bible to turn to and say this is what it says in such and such chapter and such and such verse. He had to believe Yahveh under the most adverse conditions about something that had never happened on earth before. He was not only required to believe, but he was required to prove his belief by building on the Ark (a salvation) over a hundred years. You say how much did he believe? He got up from his bed every day and went and cut logs and made timbers out of them and built the Ark out of them. He didn’t have the privilege of going to the lumber yard and buying a bunch of lumber to build with, he had to make his own lumber then build the Ark. Of course he and his family as few as eight souls out of the whole world believed what the Father had told them.

They were harassed each day by such taunts as what makes you think you’re right and the whole world wrong? And how come do you think that Yahveh picked you out of the whole world to warn about the flood? How come He told you what to do on how to survive it and didn‘t tell us? I tell you what I think old man, I think you are cracked in the head, your elevator don‘t go to the top floor and you’re about two bricks shy of a full load.” All of this was going on besides the hard heavy work that he was having to do in order to prepare for the storm.

I am telling you there is a storm coming and you had better prepare for it spiritually and physically. I ask you, can you tread water for a year? More realistically can you go months without eating or weeks without drinking water? It is coming down the pike; not a flood because the Father promised that he would never destroy the world with water again. The truth is that devastation is coming. I wish I could tell you the day and time it would start getting so desperate but the Father hasn’t shared that with me, I believe that He has shown me that it is very close. My suggestion to you is with fear and trembling work out your own salvation. Do not depend on the preacher to tell you what’s coming down the road, he has to worry about upsetting his congregation and losing that tithe. I don’t have to worry about that; if you get angry with me and don’t come back to my web site I haven’t lost a penny. Now would I hate to see that happen? Certainly I would not want that to be the end result of this article. The truth of the matter is I am not trying to make anyone angry; what I am trying to do is make them informed. A huge Storm is Coming! Prepare.

Love Yah
The Trumpet

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